How Your Mindset Can Help You Hit Your Goal Weight In 2019

Every year, you say you are going to do it.  You have all these good intentions. But you keep falling off.  There is a reason this happens. And it’s one we always overlook. It’s our mindset.  

  • When our mind is not right, we fail.  
  • When we make excuses, we fail.
  • When we are not prepared, we fail.

This is not only coming from years of watching this happen to clients in gyms, private sectors and online training.  This, my tribe, also comes from experience. THIS happens to everyone. And this mindset, is not always about losing weight and fitting into your jeans.  

  • It can be about your job.  
  • It can be about starting a business.
  • It can be about taking a leap of faith.

But do you see the similarities?  When your mind is not right, you fail.  And this year, Clean Cut wants to teach you how to change that.  

How Will You Finally Make This Your Year?

There are a few things that are crucial to a successful mindset.  Without these, the puzzle is missing a piece.

  • Mantras: this self talk is key to keeping you on track.
  • Planning: Prep is key. It is one of the “Clean Cut Tools”.
  • Focus: You must stay focused on the prize.  
  • Stay Inspired: Use pictures, and mindful thoughts to reach your goals. 
  • Attainable Goals: Set mini goals.  These will in turn lead you to your BIG goals.
  • Dig Deep:  You MUST learn to get out of your comfort zone.  

The Clean Cut program is more than just weight loss.  That comes naturally following your successful mindset if that is your goal.  The problem is staying with it and having that little reminder in your ear. Clean Cut, is that reminder.  

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