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Over 2020? So are we! 

We decided to begin 2021 NOW! 

No more December 31 resolutions.  Let's crush this holiday season with a new mindset, fitness, great recipes and fun!

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We Are In This Together

Do you scream ME when you read any of these?

  • I have gained so much COVID weight
  • Screw it, I will wait until 2021 to get back on track
  • I feel so alone, no one understands how overwhelmed and emotional I am
  • I am LIVING in leggings

Now, imagine this instead:

  • I have lost weight over the holiday season
  • I still enjoyed the foods I love
  • I feel sense of balance and control
  • I can fit in my jeans
  • I have found a community that I can maintain my weight


  You will receive LIVE coaching from Lori and Caren.  Real women, with the same real struggles you have. 

Thanksgiving to the new year is always one of the hardest 4 weeks of the year.  It is where we love to say F'it!  And decide to begin our new year resolutions on January 1.  (How did that work out for you last year?)

This year was different.  Let's continue the trend and begin your new you NOW!


Join The Holiday Hand Hold Now


Your recipes are tooooo good!
Made the detox soup, which everyone loved, I was lucky to get a bowl for work today!  After school, made the eggs cups. As they were coming out of the oven my 17 yo came home from practice and popped two!  I need to double all recipes!!
- Holiday Handhold Member 2018


I usually start the new year about 10+lbs from where I am now. I'm so glad I did the Holiday Hand Hold and I'm so happy to have found Clean Cut 2 years ago. Of course there have been ups and downs but I feel good going into 2019. 


-Holiday Handhold Member 2019


Woke up and did my meditation this morning and then weighed myself since I was happy. Boy oh boy was I even happier after weighing myself! Almost a week after thanksgiving and not only did I not gain weight or stay flat I lost 1.5lbs! Thanks ladies!


-Holiday Handhold Member 2018 & 2019

You Deserve The Gift Of Wellness This Year

  • Recipes and Menu Guides
  • The #1 Clean Cut educational tool that will stop the yoyo dieting and begin your new balanced life
  • My Zone fitness challenge
  • Facebook Group Support
  • LIVE coaching and calls
  • Real life answers to parties, eating holiday cookies, living healthy in a COVID world and real time nutritional life skills
  • Prizes, goodies and more


Begin 2021 Now

Let Clean Cut hold your hand this holiday season.

You deserve it!

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