Here Is Your Week 4 Chat…Feel free to comment here

Here is the current chat.  Please feel free to comment below:

  1. Hello All, We are trying something new tonight instead of our call. We have found that week four many people drop off from the call and miss important information. I will be posting questions here to open up dialogue here. If I haven’t put a question up that you have please post it so we can make sure everyone is clear about how to continue losing and incorporating this new lifestyle into your own.

    Most of you have added in some fruit and complex carbs last week. PLEASE note when you do you take yourself out of Ketosis. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing but it can take a few days to get back into it. If you found you didn’t lose this week like you have the past few weeks you have few choices. #1 Keep going like you are and lose it a little slower if you feel satisfied you can stay there #2 Take all fruit and carbs out again for 3-4 days and only add them back in at the end of the week. #3 Take out all fruit and complex carbs again for a few weeks to get fully back into ketosis. Remember once you’ve reach your goal weight things loosen up a bit and you have more wiggle room. The longer you live life like this the easier it is for you to maintain and manage weight.

    Have any of you noticed having more energy since adding in fruit and carbs?

    Any stomach issues?

    Understand how to keep them in moderation?

    Anyone checking their Ketosis strips and noticing that at a certain level of carbs you slip out of ketosis?

    Working out in the am on an empty stomach? Sticking to this to using real fat as fuel? Do you feel tired during your workouts or have more energy? If you feel tired please stick with it, it will switch over if you give it a chance.

    Please ask any questions you have here so we make sure everyone is fully grasping this program


  2. Week 3 went well. I was tired for a couple days but so don’t think it was diet related. I had some wine this weekend but made sure to eat clean around it. I definitely feel like it’s taken me a good 48 hours to feel good again but I didn’t really give myself an option of not getting right back to it. Week 4 is off to a good start but so definitely need to do some prep work tonight. One change I’ve made is to make sure I don’t eat anything for at least a couple hours before working out.

  3. I think I had more energy after week 2 but as soon as I started to add fruits/carbs I found myself craving more and cheating more. so for Week 4, I went back to taking them out. I am thinking I need to work on the moderation part again in the future. I am using the strips and confirmed when I was in ketosis but then feel out and haven’t been able to get back in yet so that is my goal this week.

  4. I am enjoying having some fruit and ezekiel bread. The strawberries i had on Sunday were so incredibly sweet! It was amazing! I feel like i can control it right now.