Fun News, We have been nominated for a 2016 Liebster Award!


WOW!  How fun, Clean Cut Fitness & Nutrition has been nominated for a 2016 Liebster Award!

Rebranding takes work, you have built something, worked hard, and decide its time to step it up.  Well, thats what Clean Cut did, and guess what?!  Our friends at nominated us for a Leibster Award!

You will LOVE Mavis Blue.  This creative, witty and very bright young women rocks the personalized graphic art world as well as her adorable reusable lunchie packs.  Natalie makes me smile.  Her site and blog are so refreshing, with creative ideas for your kids, healthy snacks and treats, and real mom moments.  Its clean fun and just a pleasure to follow, so I highly recommend popping over to and checking out her goodies and advice.  You will not be disappointed.

What Is The Liebster Award?!
The Liebster Award was created in 2011 to honor exceptional Weblog On-line Diaries–aka. BLOGS. It is a blogging award given by bloggers–essentially to positively recognize new talent. The Award works to connect and support up-and-coming bloggers within the blogging community. The process is simple yet effective. In all, nominees expand their contacts by way of those who nominate them and then again, through reaching out to even newer sites that they find impressive. Basically, it’s a bloggers version of ‘sharing it forward’ and we love the concept! ​(Thanks Natts!)

SO, here is the fun part!  We need to answer the 11 questions Mavis Blue gave us.  Here we go!’s Questions: 
Q: Why a blog? 
A: Why not!  I love to talk, I love my job, and I love to share knowledge.  Building a healthy lifestyle community seemed like a no brainer

Q: If you could leave your readers with one important take-away, what would it be? 
A: Life Happens.  Creating a lifestyle change also means balance.  Be kind to yourself, and never beat yourself up.  Be confident in who you are and ready to conquer the world!

Q: Who is your biggest cheerleader?

A:  Of course family, but also our infinity loop of friends.  We could not be here without you.  

Q: What’s the biggest ‘leap’ you’ve ever taken? 
A: Leaving my comfort zone in NJ and moving to CA, not knowing anyone and starting a new life.  Great job, and 5 months later, meeting my now hubby.  It was one of the best decisions I ever made.  I learned so much about life professionally and socially by taking that leap.  It really changed my life.  

Q: If you were a radio station, what genre of music would you be and why? 
A: I deep down want to come back as a rockstar.  I think I am a lot of rock, a little alternative and would love to rock out like Gwen Stefani on stage.  

Q: What song is playing on repeat in your head right now?
A: Take Me To Church by Hozier (No Clue why)

Q: What is your most prized possession?
A:  Easy one, my 3 boys….Would walk the world for them

Q: What is the greatest lesson you learned from your parents? 
A:  I was such a horrible teenager.  But my parents rock.  They taught me love, compassion and to be an all around good person.  

Q: Ice Cream, Chocolate or French Fries? 
A: How do I pick just one?!  I will have to go with Ice Cream.  Chocolate Peanut Butter

Q: If you could live anywhere, where would that be? 

A:  I would probably go back to San Diego.  There must be a beach.

Q: If you could travel anywhere where would you go?
A:  Bucket List Item…Hike Machu Picchu with the locals

Who Do We Love?!
Clean Cut Fitness and Nutrition is nominating these amazing bloggers.  All have different amazing skills and I am proud to follow them!

Full Potential Fitness

​Reinvention Girl

​Organized Chaos

​Thirty Something Fashion

Bellewether Branders Questions for my blog nominee peeps:

Q:  What Made You Start A Blog?
Q: Cardio or Strength Workout?
Q: Top Bucket List To Do?
Q: What is your top social media outlet and why?
Q: One Regret in your life?
Q: Best Moment in your life?
Q: One thing you could not live without?
Q: Wine, beer or hard alcohol?
Q: What is your worst fear?
Q: What is your favorite song of ALL TIME?
Q: Whats your next career move?

Thank you for the nomination , this was so fun!   Ill be at the after party.