End Of The Summer Focus…Don’t Lose It!

It is the last few weeks of summer, where does you mind go?

We see it every year, the change in patterns during certain times of the year.  It’s similar to vacation brain, but why? It seems as summer comes to an end we feel we need to get it all in. I’m sure most of you are saying umm YES! Enjoying these last few weeks doesn’t have to mean mindless eating, ice cream, chips etc.  They will all still be there in the Fall. Pick one and enjoy it then it’s right back to clean. Have your drinks (even during the weekdays, heck it is summer, we want you to enjoy the things you love) but what are you taking away to keep them in?

MODERATION isn’t punishment. 

Pick a day you want to cheat, just not every day. You know how to be Clean Cut. If you find an old habit creeping back in PAUSE and think how hard you worked to get rid of it and how hard it will be to do it again. Cut it off before it’s back full force. We give you all the tools and hacks to make life balance easy. 

Below are some questions to think about as a Clean Cut member download the worksheet here (right under our pic!) and stay on track.  New to Clean Cut?!  Download a beginner guide to behavior change here!  these will remind to keep your head in the game.

  • When you started Clean Cut what were the thoughts in your head
  • After week one, describe that feeling?
  • What was your Ah-ha moment that kept you going?
  • What did you learn about yourself when it comes to food (patterns, your likes, witching hour, emotional eating? 
  • When did you realize you had more freedom when you made the correct food choices? By this we mean, room to cheat, drink, not always thinking about your next meal, etc.)
  • What was a major change in your lifestyle choices that kept you going and helped kep you on track?
  • Think about how you felt when your clothing started fitting better, write it down, this can help get you back there.
  • Remember, no weight gain is a win in the summer, use intermittent fasting often to give you room to enjoy the things that mean summer to you, always drink your water, ACV, probiotic.  Keep the easy things in to balance the bad.

Remember, behavior change is everything.  Join our fall challenge with all new BONUS behavior change material!