Clean Cut Healthy “fried rice”

The Clean Cut program is based on satisfying foods.  The key is finding those clean eats that curb your cravings, and make your palette happy.  One of my faves is  fried rice.  Delish!  But how can we make it healthier, cleaner and still yummy?  My kitchen is always a melting pot of whats in my fridge.  How fun is it to mix and match and always have a nice base with a different flair?!  Yum!  So this is my “fried rice”, with a Sawyer kitchen spin!

I LOVE any protein in this recipe.  I used chicken by default but love shrimp with this too.  This evening, I was in the mood for some sesame/ginger.  So, here you go!

PROTEIN:  I lightly coated  the chicken with some sesame oil, garlic powder, ground ginger and pepper.  I baked it at 350.  

Veggies:  Go nuts!  I used celery, snap peas, broccoli radish, and power greens (Costco).   I also added fresh chopped ginger.  I love to also add fresh chopped garlic, but my fridge ate it (I was out!).  

Add some sesame oil and coconut oil in a wok.  I used about a teaspoon of each.  Saute up your veggies and add your rice or quinoa.  I then added 2 eggs scrambled and mixed up until cooked.  

Now, get creative and spice it up!!  I used garlic powder (by default, again), pepper, and low sodium soy sauce.  I didn’t use a lot of soy sauce, maybe a tablespoon.  It was enough to give it a great flavor.  

Add your chicken and mix up for flavors to blend.  

This made about 4 servings.  

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We want to know how you got creative with the bones of this recipe in your kitchen!! Stay clean and let us know what your clean “fried rice” recipe looks like!!

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