Clean Cut Fitness and Nutrition, A journey

As Mommy-Moves fitness transitions to Clean Cut Fitness and Nutrition, I have alot of emotions.  10 years ago, when I left the Athletic Training world full time, I had no idea what I was in for.  A new baby, and looking to be a mom and still work, I took a chance.  I knew I loved the fitness world, and had been personal training and teaching during my ATC years.  But I had no idea, my children would bring me to where I am today.  From teaching stroller fitness to a small group of women in a park, bringing contractors in to teach additional classes.  I was “winging” this business.  I was with my kids (now 10, 8 and 4) and still working, doing what I loved.  It was awesome.  I went with the trends and gave our moms what they wanted.   From fun moms nights out and great friendships, Mommy-Moves bloomed into something I could only imagine.  
Wanna run a 5K, sure!  Mommy-Runs was born.  Not a mom, lets change the name to Run With The Girls.  Easy!  Then the babies grew into toddlers and school aged children, Extreme Mommy Boot Camp was created.  We went with the trend and it was great!  As my kids grew, and boutique fitness became all the rage (we are saturated), I wanted a change.  

Bringing nutrition into my programs was the next logical step.  Its part of being fit and healthy.  Teaching our kids proper nutrition and being a fit role model became the next goal.  Partnering with a former contractor and friend, Caren and I created a weight loss challenge program.  We merged our thoughts, and programs we have worked with clients on and created a national challenge.  With an average of 12.21% weight lost and 10 lbs in 6 weeks, we have a fabulous record of taking it off, teaching you how to change your lifestyle and keep it off.  This “course” to change your lifestyle will be the last stop for you in finding a program that works.  Its not a quick fix or diet fad.  This is real healthy clean eating.  And anyone can do it.  

I hope you will follow us in our journey.  We are going to be growing leaps and bounds!  As we transition to Clean Cut, I can not leave Mommy-Moves without thanking everyone who helped us grow.  Without all our amazing contractors, friends and lots of you who I consider family, we would not be here today.  Much love to you all, especially Jen Vieth.  You have always been one of my biggest cheerleaders, and have helped me grow leaps and bounds.  Keep wearing glitter lip gloss and doing those cartwheels my friend! 

I have hundreds of pics, selfie stick shots, group and individual shots.  Enjoy just a few of the many in this slideshow.  If you want more, they are all on our Clean Cut Fitness and Nutrition and Run With The Girls Facebook Pages.  

Looking forward to the next Journey and I love you all!!!!