Brain Clarity and The Low Carbohydrate Diet

This is Part 2 of a 3 part series on Ketosis

Did you know a low carbohydrate diet can improve brain function?!?!  I hear from our clients all the time, the cloud has lifted off my brain” when they are involved in the clean cut lifestyle.  That is because our low carb high fat/protein REAL FOOD way will put your body into the state of ketosis.  

When I started to supplement with ketones, I immediately felt clearer.  I have self diagnosed adult ADD.  (lol).  I have a very hard time staying focused on one thing.  I call it creativity.  But It doesn’t get the job done. I have found myself sitting more and focusing on work, and being more patient with my kids (WIN WIN!)

Why do I feel better?
I’ll break it down Simply.  When you are on a low carb diet, the liver becomes the sole provider of glucose (blood sugar).  Your brain needs this energy and takes about  20% of it.  So when your body is in that low carbohydrate state, the brain is looking for fuel.  But, it  cannot use fat directly for energy, so it uses the ketones produced by the liver that are derived from the healthy fats you consume in your diet or your body fat.  These ketones become released into your bloodstream, and shoot up to the brain and other organs by the energy factory of the cell (called the mitochondria), and its used as fuel!  Some say BHB, a major ketone is a more efficient fuel than glucose.  SO by using the ketones your glucose (blood sugar) stays fairly normal and guess what?! NO SUGAR CRASH!

Want to learn more?  Watch this short video on brain power!