Are You Dehydrated? Why Himalayan Pink Salt Could Be Your Answer!

Are You Dehydrated?

How can you be? You drink half your body weight in ounces, right?
Some classic signs of dehydration are: Dry mouth, muscle cramps, heart palpitations, light headedness, weakness, decrease in urination or it’s a dark yellow color.  Do you have any of these?
We’ve been told that water makes up approximately 45 – 75% of our body weight.  We want to absorb this water into our cells (known as intracellular). When we can’t absorb it correctly the water stays on the outside of our cells (known as extracellular), this is when we retain water, swollen fingers and feet. Water is actually a nutrient that we cannot live without it.
Here’s a Fun fact:  there are three ways we lose water, sweating, elimination (urination and bowel movements) and breathing… yes breathing.  You know that smoke you see coming out of your mouth when it’s cold out… yup it’s water. The combination of all three is approximately 2.2 liters of water a day (2.0 liters a day from sweating and elimination and 0.2 from breathing). Now you know why you’ve always been told, 8 cups of water a day = your 2.2 liters (roughly 68 ounces), note if you add exercise into your daily routine you water intake must also increase.
So how can we ensure all the fluids we are drinking are being absorbed into our cells keeping us hydrated and supporting our overall cellular health?
The solution:  Himalayan Pink Salt.  This really is the salt of the earth.  It’s the salt that does the trick.   Here’s a little history on this essential nutrient:   Himalayan Pink Salt is mined in the Himalayan Mountains from an ancient sea bed (approximately 250,000 million years old) which maintains its purity.   You may ask “why not sea salt”… for example: Celtic Sea Salt ? Well as we all know the oceans are contaminated; hence so is sea salt.

Here’s how this amazing natural product works.  Himalayan Pink Salt is very different from table salt.  Table salt has been stripped of all its nutrients and minerals leaving it with just one, sodium chloride, which will not absorb into your cells.  Himalayan Pink Salt has 84 trace minerals needed to keep our bodies regulated and working properly.
First, I’ll tell you how to use it in your daily life then I’ll list all the amazing benefits of this mineral from the earth.
STOP using any other salt ever, ever again.  Replace it with Himalayan Pink Salt.
According to Dr. Carolyn Dean, adding 1/8-1/4 tsp to every liter of water you drink has enormous health benefits. You can cook with it, top your food with it or even just eat it straight up. I can promise – you will NOT retain water using any of these methods.  Additionally, forget all the sports drinks, most of them contain nothing but sugar or a sugar substitute.
The health benefits match some of those with magnesium.  Imagine how simple it is to put these two in your life and how much better you will feel.
The BENEFITS of Himalayan Pink Salt:
  1. Improves hydration, giving your body 84 minerals it needs to allow your cells to absorb water
  2. Balances PH levels bringing them to a more alkaline level (healthy zone)
  3. Balances blood sugar levels (works with your thyroid and adrenal glands and supports hormone balance, which all lead to weight management)
  4. Improves vascular health, lowering blood pressure
  5. Cleanses the sinuses, post nasal drip, lung function and acts as an antihistamine
  6. Reduces risk and aids in asthma
  7. Increases absorption in your gut and helps detox the digestive tract
  8. Calms inflammation of the skin, like an eczema
  9. Helps reduce the signs of aging by hydrating your skin with antioxidants properties
  10. Improves your sleeping habits
  11. Increases bone strength
  12. Reduces muscle cramps and acts as a natural electrolyte
  13. Helps the central nervous system communicate, which is the center of it all
  14. Oh…. and enhances libido 🙂
Site *Dr. Alan Mandell
Not only is this salt delicious, now you can enjoy it knowing it will actually hydrate you along with all these other amazing health benefits.  Another easy, cheap, simple tip to add to your already new healthy lifestyle.